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Welcome to the Living Legacy Chronicles, a dedicated platform where history comes to life through personal narratives. In commemoration of our train depot’s 100-year anniversary, the Dunedin History Museum is working on a project called Echoes of the Junction. It is a project focused on collecting and sharing stories related to the Dunedin Train Depot.

We extend an open invitation to all contributors, urging you to bring your experiences to light. Whether you’ve encountered the Dunedin Train Depot, embarked on a memorable train ride, worked within its historic walls, or have a connection through someone you know, your story matters. The Living Legacy Chronicles is a space where these narratives find a home, preserving the essence of the depot’s past and celebrating the diverse experiences that have shaped its history.

Oral History at the Dunedin History Museum - Image 1
Oral History at the Dunedin History Museum - Image 2

Join us in capturing the essence of time, one story at a time. Share your personal journey, contribute to the living chronicle, and become a part of the ongoing narrative that defines the Living Legacy Chronicles. Together, let’s ensure that the stories of Dunedin live on, creating a legacy that transcends generations.

Send in text or photo files. For additional help, email admin@dunedinmuseum.org.

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