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Dive into the artifacts and resources housed within our museum!

At the heart of our museum, you’ll find a collection of over 2,000 objects, documents, and 2,500 images chronicling the evolution of Dunedin. This diverse array showcases our dedication to sharing the vibrant stories of Dunedin, transforming our space into a central hub for scholarship, learning, inspiration, and community involvement.


DHM warmly invites scholars, students, genealogists, filmmakers, journalists, and the general public to explore our Research Collection in person. This collection primarily comprises 2-D materials, including prints, photographs, archives, manuscripts, architectural drawings, records, books, and other published materials. Additionally, our Museum Collection, rich in 3-D materials such as architectural fragments, models, costumes, textiles, paintings, sculpture, decorative arts, and various artifacts and works of art, is accessible to researchers.  However, access to collections is not available online.  We encourage those interested to reach out for further details on accessing these valuable resources at

Digitizing Collections with the Dunedin History Museum

Transforming Dunedin's History: DHM Digitization Project Support

We are thrilled to introduce the DHM Digitization Project, an ambitious effort aimed at transforming our extensive collection into a dynamic, online resource accessible to all. Here’s why we believe your support for this project is crucial:

Digitizing Work

Community Engagement: By digitizing our collection, we empower the entire community to connect with its history. Students, researchers, educators, and residents alike will have the ability to explore Dunedin’s heritage from the comfort of their homes, fostering a deeper sense of community pride and understanding.

Preservation for Posterity: Digitization ensures the preservation of delicate and aging artifacts, documents, and artworks. By creating digital archives, we safeguard our history against the wear and tear of time, allowing future generations to benefit from this wealth of information.

Educational Opportunities: The online access to our collection will provide educators with invaluable tools to enhance history curricula. Students can delve into primary sources, fostering critical thinking and a more profound appreciation for local history.

Cultural Enrichment: Our digitized collection will be a cultural resource for artists, writers, and creators, inspiring new works that reflect and celebrate Dunedin’s unique identity. This, in turn, contributes to a vibrant and dynamic cultural scene within our community.

Expanded Reach: Digitization breaks down geographical barriers, allowing individuals beyond our immediate locale to discover and appreciate Dunedin’s history. This extended reach transforms our museum into a global ambassador for our community.

Improved Accessibility: A digitized collection empowers all of our potential visitors to explore and enjoy our archives, even when traditional access to our museum might normally be limited due to disability. We aim to provide a fully accessible digitized collection to better serve all of our visitors.

We invite you to join us in this transformative journey by supporting the DHM Digitization Project. Your contribution will not only preserve our history but will also empower our community, ensuring that the stories and artifacts that define us are accessible to all.

We believe that together, we can make a lasting impact on Dunedin’s cultural legacy.

Digitization Project Support

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