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Throughout the year, our board, staff, volunteers, and interns collaborate to create an inspiring, exciting environment at the Dunedin History Museum. Our programming fosters sharing, learning, and community engagement. Our passionate, dedicated team is always forward-looking and committed to the future, and we know that this approach is best informed by studying and honoring our past.

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DHM Volunteer and Internship Opportunities

DHM offers year-round opportunities for both volunteers and interns across various departments, contributing to the multifaceted operation of the museum. While specific projects may vary based on institutional needs, we consistently open roles in the following departments:


Gain essential arts management and administrative skills by assisting with fundraising, marketing, special event planning, human resources, and other administrative projects.

Collections Care and Management

Contribute to the preservation and maintenance of our large, diverse collection, with tasks ranging from artifact preparation for exhibitions to ensuring public access to specific collection areas.

Education and Public Programming

Participate in program design, implementation, and engagement with diverse audiences, including adults, teachers, students, youth, families, and volunteers, offering an introduction to museum education.

Exhibition Design and Development

Work alongside professional designers to enhance design, drafting, or carpentry skills while contributing to the creation of new exhibition spaces.

Marketing and Communications

Support Museum promotion, messaging, and integrated marketing, collaborating with the communications team to develop and execute marketing strategies.


Assist in creating various print and digital projects, including magazines, books, exhibition catalogues, social media initiatives, and website content.

Guest Services

Engage with visitors from diverse backgrounds, contributing to interactive exhibitions, assisting school groups, managing the reception area, or supporting behind-the-scenes tasks.

Museum Shop Experience

Gain valuable retail experience by working in the museum shop, contributing to customer service, merchandise management, and creating a positive shopping environment.

Volunteer & Intern Benefits:

Volunteers and interns can apply year-round, and opportunities are available based on institutional needs. Summer interns may also participate in educational seminars and enrichment programs exploring behind-the-scenes aspects and current issues in the museum field.

How to Apply:

If you’re interested in contributing to DHM as a volunteer or intern, please complete the following form.

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Thank you for your interest! Once this application is submitted the Dunedin History Museum staff will be in touch with you to set up a time to meet and to share more information about volunteer opportunities. You'll then be invited to attend an introductory training session which is mandatory before you can start volunteering in an area.

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